The Exhibit Manual will answer most of your questions regarding preparation for Power Generation Week from organizing your company's participation, registration, housing and more.  If you have additional questions, please contact your Exhibit Services Manager:

North America & South America Exhibit Services Manager:

Michael Donnell: michaeld@pennwell.com or 918-831-9707

International Exhibit Services Manager:

Claudette Hultzer:claudetteh@pennwell.com or +44 1992 656637+44 1992 656637

Need help and ideas to drive traffic to your booth? We have developed complimentary marketing tools to help you accomplish your goals! CLICK HERE to learn more!

Need help and ideas to drive traffic to your booth? We have developed complimentary marketing tools to help you accomplish your goals! CLICK HERE to learn more!

Additional Conditions
Booth Guidelines
Co-Exhibitor Form
Event Management Contacts
Event Schedule
Exhibitor Checklist
Freeman Quick Facts
Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) Form - Deadline October 31, 2015
Important Deadlines
Insurance Requirements
Insurance Application- Purchase Insurance for $79
Maps & Directions- Las Vegas Convention Center
Parking Information
Register Your Staff Online:
        To Register as a Power-Gen International Exhibitor CLICK HERE
        To Register as a Nuclear Power International Exhibitor CLICK HERE
        To Register as a Renewable Energy Word Exhibitor CLICK HERE
        To Register as a COAL-GEN Exhibitor CLICK HERE
What to Expect When Exhibiting-Helpful tips for exhibiting at Power Generation Week
Meeting Room Request Form
Press Conference Room Request Form
Temporary Booth Staff and Agency Information   
USDOC Showtime Program Information

FREEMAN SERVICES- Freeman is the general contractor for Power Generation Week 2015.  You will be able to order carpet, furniture, material handling, shipping and handling or anything else you might need that is related to booth move-in, set-up and move-out through Freeman.

Freeman Online Ordering-Log in here to order from Freeman
How to Use Freeman Online Ordering
Target Move-In Schedule

Freeman Exhibitor Kit- Download all the Freeman forms as one pdf.
Method of Payment Form- Required if you are using Freeman services.
Accessories Order Form
Audio Visual  & Computer Rental Brochure
Audio Visual & Computer Rental Order Form
Carpet Brochure
Carpet Order From
Cleaning Order Form
Furnishing Essentials Brochure
Furnishing Essentials Order Form
Select Furnishings Brochure
Select Furnishings Order Form
Showcases Order Form
Third Party Authorization Form

-  Freeman has an agreement with the Local IATSE Union to provide labor for display erection and dismantling.  Full time employees of exhibiting companies or their representatives, may set their own displays, without assistance from the Local.  However, should assistance be necessary beyond that provided by those employees, then labor must be provided by the Union.  Labor can be ordered in advance by using the Installation & Dismantle Labor Order Form.

Labor Jurisdictions Information
Installation & Dismantle Brochure
Installation & Dismantle Labor Order Form
Forklift Labor Order Form

Las Vegas Convention Center Ordering Information
Las Vegas Convention Center Method of Payment
Aerial Rigging Order Form
Air/Water/Drain/Gas/Cable Order Form
Balloons and Lighter than Air Object Guidelines
Catering Menu
Catering Order Form
Electrical Order Form
Lighting Services Order Form
Multi-Level & Covered Booth Application Form
Natural Gas & Open Flame Agreement Form


Floral Order Form
Lead Retrieval Order Form- Order Online HERE
Photography Order Form
Telephone/Internet Order Form-Order Online HERE

SHIPPING & MATERIAL HANDLING Exhibitors may deliver their own materials into the exhibit facilities; however, the use or rental of Freeman dollies, flat trucks or other mechancial equipment is not permited.  Freeman will control access to the loading docks in order to provide for a safe and orderly move-in/out. Charges for Freeman's help are shown on the Material Handling Service and Rates Form.  If Freeman must move the show into, out of or both into and out of the hall during overtime hours, then you will be charged the overtime fee in addition to the regular CWT charge.
Freeman Exhibit Transportation Terms & Conditions
Freeman Material Handling Order Form
Freeman Exhibit Transportation Domestic Brochure
Freeman Exhibit Transportation Domestic Order Form
Freeman Exhibit Transportation International Brochure
Freeman Exhibit Transportation International Order Form
Mobile Units/Motorized Vehicles Order Form
Marshalling Yard Map & Directions
Outbound Shipping Order Form

SHIPPING LABELS-  Please use these labels if you plan on shipping anything for the event:
Advance Warehouse Shipping Labels-Must deliver by November 25, 2015
Advance Warehouse Hanging Signs Shipping Labels-Must deliver by November 25, 2015
Event Site Shipping Labels-Cannot deliver before December 4, 2015
This Side Up Label
Do Not Stack Label


How to Label Your Freight
How to Package Your Freight
FAQs-Shipping Domestic
FAQs-Shipping International
See How Shipping and Material Handling Works
What are Freight Services?



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